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Questions in Confidence

We all have private, personal issues that prompt us to seek a different life, or new pleasures, in Thailand.

Some of us might be escaping from a dead-end relationship. Others might be looking for a second chance and unable to do so at home because of a criminal record or a psychiatric diagnosis that prevents them from finding a decent job. Or you may simply be fed up with the tension, corruption and incompetence in your home country.

It's also possible that you are already divorced, separated, widowed or single & lonely, and can't seem to find anyone suitable to share your life with in your home country. The dating scene is ruthless, brutal and competitive. Why not move to a country where you will be accepted, regardless of who or what you are?

Private Forum

If you simply want to deal with private issues that aren't too personal then please sign up as a member and gain access to our Private Forum. You can share your questions and concerns in confidence on the forum where we - or other members - will offer advice and support.

Confidential Issues

However, if you have issues that need complete confidentiality then please contact us privately and I'll do my best to help. To access this service you will need to sign up to the Private Forum anyway and then send a Private Message.

There will be small additional charge for this - currently $10 each time you send a message to help pay for the time it takes to respond. If it turns out the issue is more complicated then you may need to sign up for one of our 'package' services: Settle in Thailand Package or a Business Service.

Our Mission

We want to do whatever we can to help you save money, minimize the chance of losing your investments and get the most out of your new life in Thailand. We try to set our charges to be as reasonable as possible to cover our time and expertise - and to be at least equal in value to what we will save you if you try to go it alone.

Note. We are not legal specialists and will not get involved with anything illegal or that could lead to fraudulent activities. However, if you are currently embroiled in an illegal activity, or grappling with a drug addiction, or at risk because of visa or other problems then we'll do what we can to help you resolve these issues... perhaps simply by trying to find you a reputable organization who can give you practical help and advice.

Also note: we are not a charity or an embassy or government agency. Just three ordinary people with some insider experience to life in Thailand. So we do not have funds or resources to help with emergencies. And we can also only help you if you pay us for our time - otherwise we will be swamped with irrelevant or time-wasting questions.


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