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Don't be a tourist

You may already have visited Thailand and did many of the typical tourist activities. There's lots of fun, interesting things to do.

But you don't need us for that. If you want to ride elephants or go white-water rafting or visit the long-necked hill tribe people or take a cooking/massage class then we'll point you to the nearest tour agency and they'll look after you.

When you next come to Thailand, it will be with a view to living here long term. So you'll want the insider guide to the city and the surrounding region to get a feel for what it would be like to retire here, and leave your home and your old life behind.


Our "Expat's Tour" is something quite unique. We'll show you what its like to actually live here, not as a tourist but as a retired expat.

We'll show you condos, apartments and houses you can live in - which will also give you an idea of what your preferred style of accommodation will cost. If your budget is limited then we can show you alternative places to stay that might be cheaper, and as big and as comfortable, but in a location that you wouldn't normally come across by yourself.

We'll show you the shopping malls, cinemas, food courts, restaurants, bars and coffee shops; and where to buy clothes and furniture. We'll show you where the nightlife is and where to make friends. We'll introduce you to popular expat groups - the support and friendship groups, the business networks, the religious and volunteer organizations...

We'll show you where to go to swim or play sports, stroll in the parks or forests, or relax with a book while sipping tea, coffee or martinis!

And we'll help you design your new life and calculate a budget - or if you already have a budget, we'll help you to create a comfortable life that matches your budget.

If you're single or otherwise available then we'll introduce you to women (or men... or even ladyboys) who would be happy to be your friend... and maybe a romantic partner sometime in the future.

We will even explain where you can go and who you can meet for uncomplicated no-strings fun. You may as well indulge yourself during your exploratory trip, primarily to get it out of your system.

Many tourists and new expats want to sleep around - and that's perfectly fine. There are clubs and bars that cater specifically for that. The problem is when you make it a permanent part of your life. The more casual partners you have, the lonelier you will become and it becomes a vicious cycle. Some people make it into a sport, but I've noticed that their comments and jokes have a cynical and whimsical edge. They're not ever satisfied. Indeed, it's borderline nymphomania!

Your life will be far more satisfying, meaningful and enjoyable when you find a 'nice' girl (or boy or ladyboy) and you start to develop a romantic relationship. Many Thais are ready to do so in an instant. You just have to ask, it's that simple.

In the next stage - when you actually make the move to Thailand (and we'll help you with that also) - we'll keep you informed about how to keep your relationship pleasant and respectful. There are so many pitfalls because each side has been brought up with almost completely opposite expectations.

For instance, we in the west value freedom and independence. The Thais value inter-dependence. A Thai person will misinterpret your wish for 'space' and freedom as having lost interest in her (or him). And we tend to misinterpret their desire to be supportive and dependent on us as 'clingy' or even 'lazy'.

"She's just using me as an ATM!" is the typical complaint.

Well sometimes that's true, but they don't usually see it that way. And when you become resentful of your partner's (and her family's) financial dependence on you, they interpret this as you acting like a cheap, mean bastard. Your partner will feel hurt and ashamed that you don't value her enough to spend money on her. It makes her feel cheap and worthless; and she loses face in the eyes of her family and friends. Even if you are poor, you are still often considerably more well off than your partner (who might only be making $300/£200 per month income). She won't mind if you are poor also and have a limited budget, but you do need to be as generous as you can and respectful of her dependence on you.

For more information about this fascinating minefield, please read the article Sex and Relationships in Thailand .

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