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Business Services

First read about Gary's background and considerable business experience. I can help you:

  • find suitable exporting and logistics agents,
  • source products
  • provide consultancy or training in management, marketing or cross-cultural issues.
  • Don't hesitate to contact us if you need an entertaining yet expert speaker at your event - we tour most countries around the world, including USA/Canada, UK, Europe, India, China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.

Abandoned Sathorn "Unique Tower" in Bangkok since 1997And when it comes to starting a business, we can help to assess the viability of what you have in mind. You may not agree with or take our advice, but we can help you to at least go into business with your eyes open. I tried to help a German friend (let's call him Hans) who wanted to open a music practice and recording studio. It was a failure before he even started. He chose a location where mostly poor Thai people lived and where there were no nearby schools or universities. He allowed his girlfriend to manage the refurbishment - which basically blew away his life savings of 2 million baht . She got friends and family to supply and install the panelling and air-conditioning units, and they turned out to be unsuitable and expensive. And he also relied on the girlfriend's daughter and her boyfriend to manage the shop. She got bored and lost interest; and the boyfriend had a spat with her and refused to work for the family business.

This story is unfortunately typical. We all tend to do stupid things when starting out in a new country and in a new relationship.

I could've averted this disaster - firstly by suggesting other, more reliable ways of earning an income from a 2 million baht capital lump sum (e.g. by buying a small condo and simply renting it out) or, if Hans had inisted on pursuing this business venture, to at least help get a clear picture of the financial model, better places to locate the shop and to build a more reliable business system. He didn't even have a cashflow forecast! It turned out that even if the business were 100% successful, it would be impossible to cover the running costs, let alone make a return on his investment.

Hans now lives (penniless) with his girlfriend's family in a country village outside Chiang Mai, while she and her daughter run the shop in Bangkok (at a loss)...

Don't let this happen to you!

And don't think it won't. I also thought I was savvy enough not to get sucked into bad investment ideas and time-wasting ventures. But it happened to me, nonetheless!

If you are serious about a business venture then we can put you in touch with independent, reliable advisors, lawyers, accountants and auditors. We don't take any commissions from them and they are not connected or related to us in any way. They can help with the formalities of setting up a business, including visas and work permits, insurance, legal agreements and keeping your finances in order and your tax returns up to date.

These details are important. It can be very inconvenient and expensive if you get them wrong.

For instance, your non-immigrant business visa (and therefore your work permit) can only be extended if your company turns over at least 1 million baht in the previous year of trading. Otherwise you must leave the country and start all over again!

Thailand is growing!

I'm not an economics expert, but anyone who has been in Thailand for a while can't help but notice the tremendous amount of real development happening all around. Thailand is growing, regardless of incompetencies or political infighting - while the West is stagnating.

Promenada Resort Shopping ComplexPeople who may have visited Thailand ten years ago (particularly Chiang Mai or Pattaya or Hua Hin) won't recognize it. These towns were sleepy backwaters. Now they are thriving. Wawee Coffee Shop Chiang Mai
You could hardly find a coffee shop in Chiang Mai in those days, but now there's a new one opening every week apparently. Not to mention the mega shopping malls. There was one flagship shopping mall built by the Central Group on what was then the outskirts of Chiang Mai. Now there's a gleaming new one near the (international) airport, and another one coming online next year. Plus a giant resort-style shopping complex to open towards the end of this year, being constructed by a Dutch investment group.

New Bangkok Pattaya ExpresswayAnd Pattaya now has a dedicated expressway that connects directly with Bangkok, reducing the bumpy 3 hour journey on the old road to a little over an hour today.

Even Bangkok is hardly recognizable. The skytrain and metro - and now the airport link and the skytrain extensions - make Bangkok a far more convenient city to get around than only a decade ago, when it was a nightmare. In fact, there's a whole new city coming online across the river on the west side of the city. There are dual-carriage thoroughfares and a completely new skytrain extension. All the big shopping complexes, Big C, Index, Tesco, Makro, Central, HomePro, etc., have already established themselves there, not to mention smart, new 'boutique' shopping malls complete with supermarkets that are springing up like mushrooms.

There's also massive growth on the cards as a result of the Asian Economic Community about to be formed in three years' time. And now that Myanmar (Burma) is opening up to the West (and therefore to Thailand in particular), this will drive even more growth and development.

This is a good time to move to Thailand and, if possible, to buy a property - simply in order to protect yourself from rent increases in the future.

There's a window of opportunity that's open now. It'll probably last for the next 3-5 years and then start to close. Thailand might not be such a cheap place to live after this time. But if you get in now then you'll stand a good chance of being able to continue to live here in comfort indefinitely.

There will still be opportunities if you wait another 2-3 years, but you may have to consider places that are a little further afield, like Chiang Rai (through which China is one day hoping to build a high-speed rail link all the way down to Bangkok).

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