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Isaan (Korat and the North East)

Isaan – the north-Eastern agricultural heartland of Thailand is just that: agricultural.

Korat is also known as Little Italy, it's stunningly beautiful. The wealthier Thais have their second homes in the hilly farmlands or near the nature reserves. A few famous vineyards (that produce some very good wines) are located here and there are many restaurants and coffee shops that cater for tourists or the cityslicker Thais from Bangkok.

However, there is very little for foreigners to do there, except find a docile, attractive Thai woman to marry and then settle down with her and her (usually very extensive) family and live a very quiet, relaxing life.

Very little English is spoken and although your wife will do her best to learn English, you should make an effort to learn Thai so that you can communicate with your in-laws and neighbors.

It's probably the cheapest place to live, you can survive comfortably on just $400pm (partly because food is very cheap and partly because there's nothing much to spend your money on).

You will probably buy or build a house with your wife – a nice sized 3-bedroom Thai-style house with a large garden will cost in the region of $30,000. A used car will cost about $4,000.

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