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Don't come to Thailand without reading this first.


Dear reader,

Traveling to Asia, particularly the enchanted and mystical country of Thailand, is amongst the most rewarding things you can do in your life – something that should definitely be in your Bucket List.

It’s the reason why people flock to this amazing country ... either for a short holiday, to escape the dreary winters back home, or to retire in luxury on an income that you could barely survive on in your mother country.

However, traveling to a faraway place can be daunting unless you already have good friends with the time and inclination to provide you with travel tips and insider knowledge to ease your transition into an overwhelmingly new environment.

Having just returned from Chongqing, China, I’ve been reminded how complicated and time-consuming it can be to get even the simplest things done if you don’t have the necessary advanced knowledge and items to hand. I spent the best part of a day looking for an ATM machine that would accept my UK credit card, figuring out how to get into the right part of town from the airport, then finding somewhere to buy a map and looking for a shop to buy a simcard for my cellphone. And then finally finding something to eat that I could safely swallow let alone enjoy before calling my local friends to let them know I’ve arrived.

It took me several more days to enquire about short-term wifi connectivity. It also took me ages to find simple things like a good bookshop, where to buy milk, water, bread, etc. and where I could go to find a decent meal – not to mention figuring out what to order and what I actually ended up eating. I discovered that it’s impossible to get a decent coffee, no matter how much you pay! Although I had a great trip, frankly, I was glad to be back in Thailand. I know my way around and where to get delicious home-cooked meals (and fresh coffee and tasty desserts) and can easily connect up with all my friends.

Thailand can be demanding and stressful for the first-time visitor, just like it was on my recent trip to China, but could you imagine how your problems could compound if you didn't know the true ins and outs of staying here, or didn't have the proper gear?

Not having the right items means you'll spend much more time and money than necessary – what could be a really fun trip simply becomes a chore, and there’s always a risk of getting into legal difficulties if you’re not familiar with a country’s laws. It’s vital to have the proper knowledge and items before making your journey to Thailand, or before considering Thailand as your new retirement home.

If you're prepared, coming to Thailand will be one of the most rewarding things you could ever do. That's why we've created the ultimate product that will give you valuable peace-of-mind and preparedness. A product containing virtually everything to give you security and convenience when you arrive in Thailand, and saving you hundreds (often thousands) of dollars in living expenses, no matter how long you plan on staying.

Introducing… The Thai Travel Kit®.

We've spent many hours painstakingly building the Thai Travel Kit,and we're proud to say it's a product like no other. Some of the items in the Thai Travel Kit will make your life hassle-free when you arrive, while others offer you security and peace of mind, while still others give you true Insider Knowledge that will save you a pile of money.

We're offering two different packs: a Basic Traveler’s Kit for those who have already spent some time in Thailand and a Deluxe Traveler’s Kit for the astute traveler who prefers to be fully prepared in advance.


Happy SIM card with number SIM card with your own number ($2)
Happy prepay card

Prepaid Card ($7 - enough for about 100 minutes of talk time)

universal plug adaptor for Thailand Universal Adapter ($5)
Nancy Chandler Map of Bangkok  Central shopping area of Bangkok Chandler Map of Bangkok ($12)
Instant Thai Instant Thai Book ($10) - learn 100 key words and some basic vocabulary in order to express 1,000 ideas instantly.
one hour skype consultation with A Better Life One hour consultation time via Skype ($75)
Rapid Read Thai $10 discount coupon Rapid Read Thai Discount Coupon ($10)
  Chiang Mai Quickstart Guide of recommended dentists, hospitals, airlines, how to stay healthy, etc. ($29)
A Better Life Thailand cap A Better Life ball cap ($15)
Lanna Care Net Registration with Lanna Net  ($25)
A Better Life Thailand Forum One month free membership on our forum ($10)


Basic Thai Travel Kit $137 (free worldwide shipping). Please allow two weeks for delivery.

DHL express courier service (add $60)

Do you want it faster? You can get it within 3-4 days by upgrading to DHL express courier service. Just add $60.

Basic Thai Travel Kit sent by DHL ($197)

Note. Your order will be processed by Rapid Language Learning.


[everything above, plus...]

Cellphone with your own number

60-minutes of LIVE Thailand Traveler’s Assistance while in Thailand: a virtual “hand holding” service for taxis, trains, buses, accommodation, meals, shopping, etc. (we’re on standby every day from 7am-midnight subject to availability).

This includes your own Thailand cellphone with Gary's phone number pre-programmed ($229)

Nancy Chandler Map of Chiang Mai  Nancy Chandler map of Night Bazaar in Chiang Mai Chandler Map of Chiang Mai ($12)
Traveler's First Aid Kit First Aid Kit ($15)
3 hours skype consultation Additional two hours of consultation time via Skype ($150)
600 baht discount for Rapid Read Thai online course Rapid Read Thai Coupon for ($20)
A Better Life Thailand Forum Two months free membership on our forum ($20)
  Coupons for Guests House, etc. ($27)

Plus the following ebooks on CD:

Newbies Guide to Sex and Relationships in Thailand… ($15 value)

•         This guide will keep you from losing 100's of dollars by avoiding sex scams that nearly all newcomers fall prey to. Also, little known tips on how to build a successful relationship with a Thai person.

Smart Traveler’s Critical Checklist and Do's and Don’ts of Staying in Thailand … ($15 value)

•         There are several things you must do before coming to Thailand, but equally important, there are some things you should never do when you're here, including three laws that must never be broken.

Insider's Guide to Living Successfully in Thailand… ($87 value)

•         Included in the Insider's Guide: secrets to saving about half on your hotel, guest house or apartment rentals, how to legally own property and other assets (car, motorcycle, etc.) 100% in your own name, how to circumvent the monthly or 3-monthly “visa runs”*, a non-convential way to get a retirement visa that few know about**, how to avoid the $5 ATM fees, plus much more.

* This is where you are normally required to leave Thailand in order to renew your visa. Within Thailand, visas cannot be extended for longer than a total of 3 months, after which you are required to exit Thailand, apply for a visa renewal at a Thai embassy and then re-enter Thailand.

** To be eligible for a retirement visa, you normally need to provide a Thai bank statement showing that you have a minimum of 800,000 baht (approx. $26,000 or £16,000) for at least three months in a (low-interest-bearing) account prior to the application – or annual extension – of your visa.

Not only do these items give you convenience and valuable peace of mind during your travels throughout Thailand, they will save you hundreds – possibly thousands – of dollars with our Thailand Insider's knowledge.


Deluxe Thai Travel Kit $297 (free worldwide shipping). Please allow two weeks for delivery.

DHL express courier service (add $60)

Do you want it faster? You can get it within 3-4 days by upgrading to DHL express courier service. Just add $60.

Basic Thai Travel Kit sent by DHL ($357)

Note. Your order will be processed by Rapid Language Learning.

Our Guarantee

We feel the Thai Travel Kit is worth at least triple the cost that we're offering it for.

I know- that's a bold statement. Others might make a similarly outlandish claim, but few can justify it. We'll back up this incredible claim with our 180-day, no quibbles, 100% satisfaction, moneyback guarantee:

•         If you feel that our Thai Travel Kit doesn't save you at least three times what you paid, plus give you essential peace-of-mind, not to mention save you the hassle of finding these items on your own then just send it back to us and we'll immediately refund all of your money (not including cost of DHL express shipping if applicable).

I don't think anything could be fairer than that. But please note: we’re also busy people, so we can schedule skype consultations and provide assistance to only a limited number of people. And we’ll be increasing the price of both the Basic and the Deluxe packs in the near future.

Order your Thai Travel Kit now before the price increase. You've got nothing to lose and every advantage of being as fully prepared in advance for your trip as possible.


Gary Orman
The Expat Expert®

P.S. If you're embarking on your first journey to Thailand, or even if you're a seasoned Thailand ‘pro’, being unprepared and missing out on our Insiders’ Knowledge could cost you a fortune, cause major headaches, and can even invite disaster. The Thai Travel Kit virtually guarantees a successful visit – or stress-free retirement – in amazing Thailand.

Take the mystery, pain and guesswork out of an otherwise overwhelming and daunting task and order your Thai Travel Kit today.

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The Thai Travel Kit

An essential collection of items for your trip to Thailand, whether for a short or long stay. Find your way around, avoid unneccessary costs, keep in touch with friends, get help when you're stuck, and a lot more...

Don't leave home without it.

Find out what it consists of and why you need it.