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About Judy Judy

Judy JudyJudy is our Thai expert on the ground.

A business woman who's lived & worked all over Thailand.

A kind of super Girl Friday, as coordinator for refurbishement of office building, shopping centers and condominiums, well-connected with building contractors and suppliers and a keen eye for interior design, Judy can help find bargain properties and development land, source suppliers and builders, ensure that the contractual arrangements are fair, and support you in building and designing your dream home.

Rather than act as foreman (or woman) or designer or architect, she's more a generalist who can help interface with all the people you need to deal with, to make sure that they understand what you want and will do a proper job.

There are two problem areas when it comes to a project involving settling in or constructing a new home, or anything to do with licensing, contracts, supplies or manufacturing.

The first usually involves misunderstanding each other's expectations. You want and expect your house/product in a certain way and to a certain standard, while the supplier often assumes that you want it another way, either by overcompensating because you are a foreigner (thereby increasing the price unnecessarily) or being overly lax in execution because you're "only" a foreigner and is therefore a soft touch.

The second is often pure laziness, the contractor will invariably try to do as little as he can get away with - or simply lose interest in the project and never finish - not really caring whether he gets paid or not.

Judy, a Jill Of All Trades, will step in and coordinate these complex interests and expecations.

There's only so much any foreigner can achieve on his own - even if he's relatively fluent in Thai like me - and although I can deal with visa and work-permit issues, register my car on my own and apply for my own driving license, not to mention  find a great property to rent, check the contract, get electricity, a telephone and internet line installed, etc., I often have to fall back on Judy to help negotiate with a reliable tradesman to retile the bathroom, install a Western-style toilet and ensure we have earth to protect us from potentially dodgy shower heaters!

She is available to help with all the tricky aspects of your move to Thailand and any complex settlement issues.


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